Old Pulteney, Wick | 58° 26' 7.548'' N, 3° 5' 4.92'' W

22ND September

Old Pulteney


Defined and shaped by its stunning coastal location, Old Pulteney single malt Scotch whisky owes much to its hometown of Wick.  Established in 1826 at a time when the town was home to a thriving fishing port, Old Pulteney has a strong place in the heart and history of this coastal community. Being distilled and matured by the sea coupled with meticulous cask selection creates a distinctive flavour which sets it apart from other single malt Scotch whiskies.

With traditional warehouses exposed to the invigorating sea air blowing in off the North Sea, Old Pulteney captures the taste of the sea in every drop of its liquid gold; from subtle coastal chords to more defined salty notes. Delivering a flavour spectrum from vanilla to spice with an added hint of saltiness, Old Pulteney takes you from vibrancy to indulgence.


BRORA DISTILLERY, BRORA | 58° 1' 27.516'' N, 3° 52' 5.0628'' W

23RD September



The distillery gates of Brora have remained shut since 1983. The myth of a legend kept alive only by whispered tales of Brora's skilled craftspeople, passed down through generations. 

A distillery suspended in time, Brora opened its gates in 2021 again after three years of meticulous brick by brick restoration as part of a major investment, crafting new spirit for generations to come.

For decades Brora has been viewed as one of the lost icons of the whisky world. During its time of closure, the distillery and its whisky gained legendary status among whisky connoisseurs the world over.

Now, for the first time since its revival, Brora Distillery is opening its wildcat gates to visitors of the Highland Whisky Festival for three exclusive opportunities to discover its legendary spirit as well as taste a selection of drams from its precious and dwindling stocks.  

Clynelish, Brora | 58° 1' 27.516'' N, 3° 52' 5.0628'' W

23RD September



Clynelish is an anglicised version of the Gaelic for green pasture. And, though it’s a coastal whisky, this is fitting for a Scotch with sweet floral fragrances and verdant flavour notes. It’s a name with a long history, one that predates the distillery we know today, but which has adorned the labels of whisky bottles for two hundred years.

Proudly serving as one of the Four Corners distilleries of Johnnie Walker, At Clynelish we distill the rich Highland Malt that is enjoyed around the world on its own and as a vital component of Johnnie Walker whiskies. Discover the mysterious and hidden spirit of our coastal Sutherland home, where we create our rich, waxy whisky, carrying notes of tropical fruit and honey.


Glen Ord, Muir of Ord | 57° 31' 20.1'' N, 4° 28' 35.724'' W

24TH September

Glen Ord


In the heart of the Black Isle, near the popular North Coast 500 and Inverness, join The Singleton team and enter a world of taste and flavour. The new Singleton whisky visitor experience is inspired by a passion for making perfectly balanced, delicious whisky and an Epicurean spirit that finds pure joy in exceptional food and drink. Based within the Glen Ord Distillery, one of three storied distilleries that make The Singleton brand, the new experience treats visitors to the finest Scottish fare.


Balblair, Tain | 57° 50' 22.884'' N, 4° 10' 34.32'' W

25TH September



As the quintessential distillery, Balblair sits on a remote and unspoiled hillside overlooking the Dornoch Firth in the North of Scotland. Since 1790 we’ve honoured a patient, hands-on approach to making Balblair. We’re never rushed, instead we like to take our time. Our whiskies are the embodiment of everything we stand for.  We use only the finest ingredients and traditional processes to craft our distinctive, characterful whisky with the most exceptional flavour, defined by rich, sweet fruity, yet spicy and delicate flavours.

Glenmorangie, Tain | 57° 49' 32.9124'' N, 4° 4' 34.536'' W

26TH September



In 1843, William Matheson founded the Glenmorangie Distillery in the Scottish Highlands. Inspired by the peaceful surroundings on the banks of the Dornoch Firth, he had a vision for a pioneering single malt whisky, made from three natural ingredients – water, barley and yeast.

Glenmorangie have always been dedicated to craft, ceaselessly working towards the goal for single malt perfection. And to this day, Glenmorangie honour the Distillery’s roots in their award-winning single malt. Distilled in Scotland’s tallest stills, matured in the finest casks and perfected by The Men of Tain Glenmorangie's whisky is exceptionally smooth and wonderfully complex and sure to delight whisky lovers for generations to come.


The Dalmore, Alness | 57° 41' 16.728'' N, 4° 14' 35.844'' W

The Dalmore


Founded in 1839 on the banks of the Cromarty Firth in the Scottish Highlands, the Dalmore has been making masterpieces of whisky for over 180 years.

The 12-point silver stag that proudly adorns each bottle was bestowed upon the first chieftain of Clan Mackenzie in 1263 by King Alexander III of Scotland. The stag became the whisky’s emblem when descendants of the clan took over the distillery in 1878.

The Dalmore distillery’s collection of idiosyncratic stills creates a New Make spirit of unique character and depth – robust and fruity, particularly well-suited to longer and more complex maturation. This allows renowned Master Whisky Maker Gregg Glass and his team to develop spirit over longer periods, continuing a tradition of visionary whisky-making as they fully express their art using rare casks from some of the world’s finest wineries and bodegas.

This leg of the festival will be hosted in Inverness, not at the distillery itself.

ANCNOC | 57°33'45"N. 2°45'36"W

28TH September



Knockdhu Distillery in Banffshire opened its doors in 1894, thanks to the pioneering vision of our founder John Morrison, who brought the story of anCnoc to life in the discovery of pure water springs on nearby Knock Hill, coupled with a landscape rich in peat and barley and the nearby Great North of Scotland railway line.

Situated near Black Hill, known as Knockdhu in Gaelic, the landmark provides us with not only our name, but the source of the many springs of pure, clear water required alongside traditional methods to make our whisky. However, the brand name anCnoc (Gaelic for ‘the hill’ and pronounced ‘a-nock’) lends it the unusual distinction of not being named after the distillery which produces it.

Tomatin | 57° 20' 20.4396'' N, 4° 0' 33.7356'' W

29TH September



Since 1897 there has been a quiet revolution unfolding in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. High up amongst the smooth, rounded peaks of the Monadhliath Mountains there is no room for rugged and robust. Here patience, a gentle hand and a passion for purity rule the day. For generations, the craftspeople at Tomatin Distillery have been combining soft mountain water with tender local barley to produce it’s distinctively mellow and fruity taste. You have heard the myths of this often wild and beautiful place, but the truth lies only in its spirit.

Tomatin Distillery own and distribute a full brand portfolio of single malt and blended whisky including the flagship brand Tomatin Highland single malt scotch whisky which incorporates a core range of different age and flavour profile whiskies along with regular limited edition releases as well as Cù Bòcan single malt, a celebration of the subtleties of smoke and perfectly balanced sweetness, Cù Bòcan is an experimental Highland Single Malt that explores innovative finishes to create whiskies full of intrigue and surprise.